Our 3 Course Set Menu is available Monday to Thursday

Lunch £10.95 -- Dinner £13.95


Penne al Pomodorini

Penne Pasta cooked with cherry tomatoes, basil and mozzarella.

Italian Bruschetta or Garlic Bread

Hand made by the chef.

Zuppa di Asparagi

Fresh homemade asparagus soup.

Melone Kiwi Cocktail

Involtini di Melanzane di Ricotta

Slices of aubergine, pan fried and rolled with ricotta cheese and spinach. Topped with tomato sauce.

Main Courses

Polpette di carne Paesana

Meatballs cooked with tomato sauce and peas, served with vegetables.

Pollo Milanese

Chicken escalope, coated in breadcrumbs and shallow fried, served with spaghetti.

Filletti Sogliola

Fillet of Sole grilled or cooked in lemon and butter. Topped with prawns and crispy fried leeks.

Risotto Mascarpone Piselli

Risotto with mascarpone cheese and peas.

Madaglione di Porco

Sauteed Pork served with Olives and a white wine, garlic and mushroom sauce.


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